Visiting Scholars Program 2009–2010
Guidelines for Application
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Applications to the Study Centre must be made on the designated Application Form (available from the Study Centre). Submissions should be made in either English or French. The application package should be complete at the time of submission and include all of the following:

  • Application Form completed and signed.
  • Project Proposal (approximately 1,000 words). This should include reference to the state of knowledge in the field, the relation of the project to the applicant's past and future study, and the feasibility of the project given the resources of the CCA.
  • Curriculum Vitae. Please note that publications should be divided by kind and listed chronologically.
  • Publications or Manuscripts consisting of one to three samples of written work (books, articles, or essays) that the candidate considers the most representative of his or her research.
  • Letters of Recommendation from three persons able to assess the candidate’s research project. Letters should be sealed and included in the application package. Senior scholars may choose to replace one or more of these letters with other documents (for example, a contract for a publication related to the project proposal).
The staff of the Study Centre will be happy to answer queries from candidates in order to assist them in the preparation of their application.

The complete application package should be received by the CCA no later than 1st December 2008. Submitted materials will not be returned. Documents faxed or sent electronically will not be accepted.

Notification date: Spring 2009. When sending materials from abroad, candidates should note that if they declare a commercial value for the item(s) they ship, they may be required to pay Canadian customs duties.

For information please contact:
Study Centre
Canadian Centre for Architecture
1920 rue Baile, Montréal, Québec, Canada H3H 2S6
Telephone 514 939 7001 Fax 514 939 7020